Debunking the Breast Cancer Myth… It’s more than “just a boob job” | Warrior Sisters

Breast cancer, two simple words that mean very different things for all who hear them. I understand the complex nature of the sometimes harsh misunderstandings and insensitive comments.  As a stage 3 survivor, I have heard it all.  Yet, somewhere between "pretty in pink" and a "free boob job" lies the truth. We have made great strides with increased awareness, early detection, and generating funding all of which have reduced mortality, however we have a long way to go dispelling the many misconceptions and lack of understanding. 

It's Not the "Easy" Cancer:  Breast cancer is far from easy. While there have been advancements in treatment and survival rates have improved, the journey is long and challenging.  Often accompanied by difficult chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and radiation. The emotional toll facing mortality and uncertainty makes a significant impact on individuals and their loved ones.

It's Not a "Boob Job": Breast cancer is not a cosmetic surgery that you get for "free". It's is a serious illness that requires intense medical treatment. The prospect of losing a breast or undergoing reconstructive surgery is not a choice but a necessity in the battle against cancer. 

It's Not "Pretty in Pink":  The pink ribbon has become synonymous with breast cancer.  While some may find it pretty it is far from rosy. It's hard to look at the harsh reality of things, glossing it over with cute t-shirts and coffee mugs doesn't change the reality of pain and grief.  Breast cancer affect's all ages and genders its impact extends far beyond the month of October. 

The Importance of Empathy: When facing breast cancer with someone you know and love, it may be difficult knowing what to say or how to respond. Offering empathy and support can make a world of difference to those on the battle ground. Instead of minimizing their experiences or offering unsolicited advice, take the time to listen and validate their feelings. A compassionate presence is the most powerful gift you can give.

Educating Ourselves: As allies in the fight against breast cancer, it is up to us to educate ourselves about the disease and its impact. Dispelling myth can create a more supportive environment for those affected by breast cancer. Let's uplift and empower, rather than perpetuate ignorance and insensitivity.

Breast Cancer is Not an Ease, it's Not Pretty and its' Not Pink. It is a disease that demands our attention, understanding, empathy, and support.