My “Cancer Goggles”

I have been asked a lot of questions since my cancer diagnosis. Aside from the common inquiries of “how are you feeling” and “how are you doing”, I was recently asked “how have you changed?”. This took me a little off-guard because although I knew I was different, yet had not had the opportunity to completely process why. My physical being had been altered, my faith tested, and I had literally just fought for my life.  While all of these things had played a part in my transformation, what mostly had changed was my perspective. I was different in a lot of ways, but it was how I saw the world, people and things around me that changed the most.  The sky was more blue, food tasted amazing, and I could smell flowers from across the yard. I have grown to appreciated things big and small in my life.  My relationships and interactions with people have become my focus.  My heart is full of love and overflowing with joy and thanksgiving. I am alive and I am not taking one thing for granted. I am now aware of every breath I take and every move I make. Cancer does have a way of changing things, but not always in a bad way. I have been given another chance in life, a opportunity for a “do over” and Im not going to waste it.  I am mindful to focus on the good stuff and not get caught up in the Minutiae of life. I now look through my forever rose colored glasses…….what I jokingly call my cancer “goggles”.