Recovering with Dignity, Self-esteem, and Personal Style

Being diagnosed with breast cancer comes with a whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and fears. My initial focus was on treatment, and quite frankly staying alive. It took some time to realize the full magnitude of this disfiguring disease. Following my double mastectomy, and complications from multiple reconstruction surgeries, I was left awkwardly misshapen and scarred. Throughout my ordeal, I had drains coming from my body, one breast, no breasts and at times half of a breast. I was truly a sight to behold! The clothes I wore previously didn’t fit properly. It became a misery to look in the mirror and a chore to leave the house. I was regulated to baggy T-shirts, ugly blouses that hung loosely and a bra that looked more like my grandmothers than anything I had formerly worn myself.  I longed to feel comfortable and confident in spite of my newfound body.  One day I had an “aha!” moment and began searching for undergarments and nightwear that were pretty, yet comfortable and accommodated my special needs. As I searched for garments designed for post surgical breast cancer patients the selections were geared for functionality not fashion nor style. My dilemma is what brought me to you today. I know you will enjoy wearing our comfortable leisurewear and post surgical garments. They have all been designed with our special needs in mind. Our feminine bralette’s will help you discover how to rebuild your wardrobe and self-esteem from the inside-out. All women deserve to recover with dignity, self-esteem, and personal style. That starts with shelving depressing, functional, medically-oriented products and providing women with access to beautiful, stylish recovery wear that help them look and feel the way they did, pre-cancer. Loungewear design to make women feel strong, beautiful and sexy. What we wear, how we feel, brings out emotions and is in someway who we are. When you wear clothes that make you feel confident, happy and empowered, they can act as armor, shielding you from negative feelings and experiences. Browse our sleepwear here