Finding comfort throughout your battle against Breast Cancer

When I was diagnosed, I felt nothing short of absolute horror. I was floating in uncertainty, and disbelief. I had had a prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction, and full hysterectomy due to being testing positive for BRACA 1, and having a strong family history of breast cancer. Of the 2% chance of getting breast cancer despite preventative surgery, I became one of the 2%. I dove very deeply into myself immediately searching for how I felt. I will admit I was frantic, and on edge. I was prescribed anti-anxiety medication for the first time in my life. I was constantly coloring in coloring books to try to keep my head calm as I awaited direction to begin my fight and beat this beast.  Once my team of doctors gave me a plan, I felt some relief. Now I knew how we were going to attack. I decided right then, and there I was  beating this, and that was that. I watched an amazing documentary called "Heal".  It was impeccable timing as I found reassurance that I could battle this with my mindset as well as medical treatment.  The last thing I wanted was pity. I did not want anyone crying over this, or getting hysterical. I had to avoid certain friends, even family due to this. I knew I had to steer my journey with strength and positivity. I knew that I had to be strong, and avoid any doubt. Yes, I cried when I felt I needed to . I also learned to tell my husband when I felt I was having a hard moment emotionally. I loved simple things like clean sheets, and sitting in the sun in my back yard. Nature became so vibrant and I noticed every tiny creature finding so much joy watching them. I really appreciated the simple gifts people gave me. An inspiration bracelet, a home cooked meal, a bouquet left on my front awn, or just a thoughtful text. Sometimes it is just something small that carries us through a tough day. Find your simple joys, find them and embrace them. They will carry you through the toughest of battles. Browse our inspirational items here.