I once had a set of Double D’s

I once had a set of double D’s

I loved them, I cursed them, but they were part of me.

When I was told they had to go I shouted and screamed “Oh my God, oh no”.

Things did not go quite as planned, the cancer was gone but so was part of who I am.

There were infections, hospitalization, surgeries and more. My hope for my new set of perky C’s was far to be seen.

I have been flat on both sides, I have been lopsided with one,  but I have finally made it and Im soon to be done.

I have a new shape, and Im happy to say, my journey to freedom is not far away.

I wore a bra for the first time today, its been nearly 3 years.

It felt strange at first, I remember the days I used to think a bra was a curse.

I looked in the mirror and who did I see? A Strong, Beautiful Warrior. That Warrior is Me.

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