Ice Ice Baby -The Ice Mitts and Socks Experience

I remember the start of my treatment as a blur. The confirmation that I had cancer (which I already knew in my heart), the introduction to the team of specialists, and of course getting the things I would need. Outside of filling prescriptions, and getting comfort items suggested by my sister a breast cancer survivor, I was tasked with finding ice mitts and ice socks. It was explained to me that due to one of the chemotherapy drugs I would be taking I would need to ice my hands, and feet during treatments to help prevent neuropathy. I searched the internet, and amazon finally finding mitts for sixty dollars, and then socks for another thirty something. It took me awhile searching, and I found it frustrating having to hunt things down, pay $$$ on top of being sick, and not having everything in one easy place.

The icing experience itself was no joke. I will be honest in saying it reminded me of my childhood in Wisconsin when ice got into my boots, and mittens with no relief. I would wiggle my toes, and fingers during the treatment. I sucked it up, and kept them on determined to minimize side effects from my treatment. I got through it! I made light of it the best I could, remained the clownish self I am, and I managed to dodge the neuropathy bit. When we decided to start Warrior Sisters we wanted fun colored gloves with our logo. We hope that you can look at them, and feel inspired to fight through your treatment while you wear your "fighting mitts". We hope you know that you are not alone. We have been through it ourselves, and we made it. We are all Warrior Sisters in this fight.